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        1. Sincere collaboration
          • Master Core Technology

            Fully grasp the design and development capabilities of fuel pumps, electronic water pumps, and new energy vehicle cooling systems, and be able to provide customers with efficient, energy-saving, and low-cost solutions

          • Cost Advantage

            Through independent product research and development, industrial chain integration, and intelligent manufacturing, we achieve a lightweight, low-cost, and cost advantage of over 30% compared to international competitors

          • Benchmarking Project

            Stable operation of high standard quality assurance system: benchmark project, Dongfeng Nissan project, 3MIS market defect 44.6PPM, ranking second among five fuel pump suppliers

          • Prospect

            The supporting scale of the fuel pump automobile main engine factory is 5 billion yuan/year; The explosive growth of new energy vehicles, with a future supporting scale of 25 billion yuan/year for cooling systems; The total value of the confirmed supporting projects of the automobile group in the bidding is 900 million yuan, with a goal of achieving a market share of over 8% in the oil pump market by 2022.


          Core Competitiveness

          R&D Department

          • Structural Strength Analysis

          • Fluid Analysis

          • Modulus Analysis

          • Electro Magnetic Field Analysis

          Design Verification

          • Automobile Fuel Pump Assembly

            ·Routine tests: 55 items
            ·Loading test: 33 items
            ·Project matrix test: 414 items

          • Oil Level Gauge

            ·Basic characteristic test: 7 items
            ·Loading project test: 18 items

          • Automotive Electronic Water Pump Assembly

            ★ Routine tests: 36 items
            ★ Loading test: 21 items
            ★ Project matrix test: 125 items

          Quality Assurance

          • 2008


          • 2015

            NISSAN ASES

          • 2016


            Environmental Management System

          • 2017


          • Rapid Response & Prevention Procedures

            ·Following the "Three Realism"
            ·Typical adverse FAT accumulation
            ·QRQC Action Guidelines

          • Company Quality Objectives

            ·3mis 50 PPM
            ·Zero kilometer 20 PPM

          Strong System For Project Development

          Quality Assurance

          Three No Principles

          • No accepting Defects

          • No Manufacturing Defects

          • No Outflow Of Defects

          • 01

            On Site Management

            GK Mode & Engineering Supervision

          • 02

            Data Acquisition

            Online monitoring & analysis of process stability

          • 03


            Quick response to quality issues

          • 04

            Order Management

            Scientifically organize and arrange production activities to ensure customer delivery time

          Manufacturing Center

          • 01


            ·Process Engineering
            ·Equipment development & preservation

          • 02

            Component Manufacturing

            ·Injection molding

          • 03

            OEM Assembly

            ·Assembly of components
            ·Assembly Assembly

          • 04

            After Sales Assembly

            ·Assembly Assembly

          • 05


            ·Production plan
            ·Material control

          Modular Manufacturing Workshop

          The modular manufacturing workshop represents the most advanced manufacturing concept and highest technological level in the domestic oil pump industry.

          Ability to independently design and develop automated equipment and high-precision molds
          Production management adopts advanced ERP, MES management system, and intelligent logistics system
          Fully implement Nissan GK model in quality management and pursue a zero defect quality assurance system

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