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        1. Guangdong's latest release: to achieve full coverage of fast charging stations in expressway service areas by 2025

          2023.08.10 218

          According to news on May 8, the Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission and other departments issued the "Implementation Plan for the Comprehensive Implementation of Cleaner Production in Guangdong Province (2023-2025)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"),In order to continue to promote the electrification of urban buses, taxis, and urban logistics distribution vehicles, and the construction of charging stations (piles), by 2025, full coverage of fast charging stations in expressway service areas will be achieved, and the shore power coverage of port berths will reach 70%.


          Before the arrival of the May Day holiday, various places have issued measures to ensure "May Day new energy vehicle travel".

          Starting from Guangdong, localities will also consider adding high-speed fast charging stations to local infrastructure facilities to speed up the layout of charging piles in important transportation hubs.

          Source: First Electric Network

          Author: Wen Zhe

          Address of this article:https://www.d1ev.com/news/shichang/202058

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