Yang Su,Lei Xiong,Kun Wang,Ting He,Jianyun Shi,Yongli Song,Yaofeng Zhao,Ning Li,Zhengquan Yu,Qingyong Meng.Fate Decision of Satellite Cell Differentiation and Self-Renewal by miR-31-IL34 Axis.DOI: 10.1038/s41418-019-0390-x
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Fate Decision of Satellite Cell Differentiation and Self-Renewal by miR-31-IL34 Axis

yang su,yingying yu,chuncheng liu,yuying zhang,chang liu,mengxu g,lei li,miaomiao lan,tongtong wang,min li,fan liu,lei xiong,kun wang,ting he,jianyun shi,yongli song,yaofeng zhao,ning li,zhengquan yu,qingyong meng

Cell Death And Differentiation

DOI: 10.1038/s41418-019-0390-x


ag视讯quiescent satellite cells (scs) that are activated to produce numerous myoblasts underpin the complete healing of damaged skeletal muscle. how cell-autonomous regulatory mechanisms modulate the balance among cells committed to differentiation and those committed to self-renewal to maintain the stem cell pool remains poorly explored. here, we show that mir-31 inactivation compromises muscle regeneration in adult mice by impairing the expansion of myoblasts. mir-31 is pivotal for sc proliferation, and its deletion promotes asymmetric cell fate segregation of proliferating cells, resulting in enhanced myogenic commitment and re-entry into quiescence. further analysis revealed that mir-31 posttranscriptionally suppresses interleukin 34 (il34) mrna, the protein product of which activates jak-stat3 signaling required for myogenic progression. il34 inhibition rescues the regenerative deficiency of mir-31 knockout mice. our results provide evidence that targeting mir-31 or il34 activities in scs could be used to counteract the functional exhaustion of scs in pathological conditions.

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